5.9.2003 - Ahum.. well it's been over three years since anything happened to this project (where does all that time go anyway). This was originally a hack made on one evening when first starting to play around with php. Also at the time sourceforge was gaining popularity and I wanted to check it out, I had hoped there'd also be a way to put up a personal repository with such a hacks but was dissapointed to find out it was /all/ about community projects.
As for the toolpack I seriously hope no one has relied anything on it, since as someone did mail me year or two ago it has a command injection hole. The reason why I didn't pull this project when after few weeks it became apparent I wasn't going to do anything with it, was that I lost the account information and for some reason was unable to get it back at the time, since then I guess I just hoped some SF-admin with commonsense would throw the project away :).
Anyway, since this page and repository still exists, perhaps I'll use it to publish some of my more recent php hacks, that hopefully are of much higher quality.

11.5.2000 - Nothing much here yet..

Last changed 5.9.2003